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It’s always a struggle to keep up with market research concerning acquisition targets for our investment management firm. Unpaid interns were always an appealing option, but we couldn't make the time to do it the right way.

Interns 365 found us great candidates from top institutions and made the process so painless that we opted to have two instead of just one.

Their technology makes having the interns work remotely a non-issue and we're looking forward to our year round virtual internship program.
Drew Brinkoetter
Managing Partner / Tamroc Partners
I was interested in bringing on an intern for my latest start up, 3 Minute Relief, but had neither the time nor the interest in figuring out how to make it all happen.

With Interns 365 all I did was submit my company description and job posting and I had 8 interns lined up for an interview the following week. The intern is working out great and it is a win-win for both of us.

Interns 365 is the only way to hire interns, especially if you've never done it before.
Daniel Reifenberger
Co-Founder / 3 Minute Relief

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Intern Evaluation and Recommendation Letters


At the end of your internship program you might want to provide your internship with a final evaluation. The ChicagoSemester.org provides a exit evaluation form for your student intern. This form will help you identify your interns professional qualities, skills, goals, strengths, development, accomplishments, overall performance and other comments you may want to add in.…

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Intern Mentoring and Management


A common question many have while starting their first internship program is how to mentor and work with interns when there is such a large age gap. The National Association of College Education (NACE) provides Tips for Mentoring Millennials tips for mentoring generation of college students and graduates. This will tell the traits of Millennials…

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Intern On-boarding and Orientation


Once your intern has been hired, they must be properly onboarded in order to be effective. Onboarding is a term used to describe the process of orienting, socializing, training a new employee. The onboarding process can take up to a few as 1-2 days at the start of the internship period and will save you…

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